NOTHING FEELS GOOD. Nothing looks good. Nothing tastes good. What you love no longer excites. Sometimes even getting out of bed is a monumental chore. Some people think that even death would be better than this, and suicidal ideation – thinking about suicide all the time – delivers its own unique pain. 


YOU KNOW THAT GRIP YOU GET IN YOUR GUT? Or maybe you feel a constant tightness in your back, your neck, your shoulders, your jaws. Your tongue can seem to be glued to the roof of your mouth. Maybe you jiggle or bounce your feet. You can be ever alert to real or imagined danger. Or numb as a stump. The thought of meeting new people can be overwhelming. Anxiety can be hellish enough but when anxiety turns to fear it can be debilitating. I can help you. Panic attacks? Yeah, those, too.


PTSD (post traumatic disorder) RESULTS FROM THE HORRORS HUMAN BEINGS EXPERIENCE, USUALLY AT THE HANDS OF OTHER HUMAN BEINGS. I’m talking about what you see on the True Crime shows: murder, rape, assault. But it can also develop from natural disaster, terrorist events, spousal violence, car and industrial accidents and life threatening illness. Abuse as a child - sexual, verbal, emotional, or physical - can leave terrible marks. 

EVEN ABORTION. Yes, I know abortion is legal. Even so, some women feel pain, sorrow, guilt, remorse and more. Those feelings rarely go away on their on. Left untreated they can bring decades of discomfort and torment.

ALL THESE INCIDENTS TAKE A TOLL. And not just on the people who experience them but on those who love them, including their spouse, their partner or their children.

YOU DON'T HAVE TO LIVE LIKE THAT. You really don’t. Even if you have had therapy for PTSD and you are still suffering, there is hope for you with EMDR. I want to help you. You can be free from the past. You can stop the flashbacks, the nightmares, the irritability that drives your loved ones away from you. Believe it.  

PEOPLE TEND TO MINIMIZE THEIR EXPERIENCE OR EVEN MAKE IT THEIR FAULT. “It wasn’t that bad”, “It was my fault”, “I was asking for it”, “It wouldn’t have happened if I hadn’t been drunk”,  and on it goes. But it probably was that bad or even worse. And you weren't asking for it. Alcohol can cause problems but if someone takes advantage of an intoxicated person it's still wrong and leaves marks on your psyche.

I TREAT DISSOCIATIVE DISORDERS, TOO, INCLUDING DID, (Dissociative Identity Disorder.) DID (or MPD (Multiple Personality Disorder as it used to be called) is the splitting of the ego into multiple personalities (also sometimes called alters). Dissociation in general is a coping mechanism that spontaneously manifests in the presence of trauma. 

THE MIND GETS AWAY FROM THE BODY TO AVOID DEALING WITH WHATEVER IS GOING ON. If the trauma is severe enough a child can split their mind from their mind, creating – not willingly or on purpose – new parts who rise up to take the pain or the fear. If you suspect you may have DID, please call me or another therapist today.

BAD TRAUMA MEMORIES CAN CAUSE EMOTIONAL AND PHYSICAL PAIN. If you're alone, in a marriage, in a relationship, or in a family. They can return without warning, seemingly triggered by anything, transporting you back to the moment of trauma forcing you to relive it all over again. 

YOU DON'T HAVE TO PUT UP WITH THAT ANYMORE. You really don't. Call me. I will help you. Because bad things happened to you does not mean you have to give up hope of peace and happiness, even if the trauma occurred years or even decades ago. 

Marriage, Family, Relationship Counseling

SOMETIME A GREAT RELATIONSHIP JUST NEEDS A TUNE UP, so we’ll work together to bring the two of you even closer together with more fulfillment and more love than you have experienced in a while.

BUT SOME MARRIAGES OR RELATIONSHIPS AREN'T RUNNING ON ALL CYLINDERS. That can lead to a flood of wild emotions: fear, anger, guilt, frustration, pain…and sometimes those emotions can lead you to contemplate actions you never thought you were capable of. 

AND SOMETIMES THE BLOOM FALLS RIGHT OFF THE ROSE. How to get that rose to bloom again? Sometimes it’s as simple as learning some new ways to communicate. Other times you have to discover how to go back and find the love you’ve lost. Perhaps one of you has grown selfish. Or one of you is an anger machine, boiling like a teapot or exploding like a volcano. Or passive aggressive. Don’t worry. It is possible to get back where you were, or even to where you’ve never been before.