About Me

You Need to Like Your Therapist

Your therapist isn't going to be your best buddy. But a therapist is a person first. And if I'm a person who clicks with you we will do much better work together. Research says.

Broad Experiences Make for Better Therapists

Gold prospector, Minister, Businessman, Author, Church Elder, Patient, Medic, and ... Therapist. 

That's a lot of places to intersect, to connect. 

And because I've seen a thing or two I can help you with a thing or two.

I Can Make You Better

It's what I do. I want to do it for you. 

Read through the website then make an appointment. Or if you need more information, call me. 210-710-6555. That's my personal line. Today is September 5, 2017 and I am accepting new clients.